Queen, we are here for it! Enjoy every moment of it!

I have definitely lived long enough to be the “live and let live” type of person women.  I use to feel that things should be done a certain type of way and all…me being the southern bell that I am.  But with life comes experience. 

 I’ve lived long enough to fully embrace, accept, and celebrate, the beauty that’s exchanged between the feminine and masculine.  These pictures capture it perfectly.  The passion, excitement  romance and playfulness. 

I’ve live long enough as a single women to welcome love affection and companionship freely in forms that come in shapes and sizes beyond what I am accustomed too.

This sister has made her choice and I say …You go girl!  Enjoy every single moment of your life and continue enjoying every single moment of your life! Enjoy all the companionship, affection, mystery, fantasy and passion that your heart can bear.

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