So I’m gonna FHRG

My husband is at work right now and I can’t wait until he gets home so that I can fuck him real good. I’m still here to serve…me 1st. I’m running the bath water now. I’ll be wearing his favorite color tonight. I’m almost sure that he’s going to love these heels! He doesn’t know that I finally made time to take that poll dancing class that he doesn’t know about. I can’t wait to see his response.

I’ve already got the light show ready. Tonight I’m dancing under blue lights which make this orange heels look like they are glowing in the dark. Tonight I might try sucking him to sleep. …I’ve never done that before. But first I’m going to #FHRG. My husband and I both enjoy sex. Our sex life is crazy.

I can’t wait to feel his hands around my neck. I want him to go deep as he hit’s it from the back. It’s been awhile so I’m trying to come at least 7 times tonight. I’ve been drinking water all day getting ready for tonight’s events. At the gym I only focused on weights because I knew that my cardio workout would be this evening.

I always fuck him harder than the day he’s having. This good good will be the only thing that’s left on his mind after a hard day’s work. Tonight I’m going to fuck him real good but only after I’ve allowed him to lay his head on my breast as he tells me about his long day at work…that is his heart. His work is close to his heart because that is how he provides for our family. His long day wont ride him harder than I will.

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