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With my silence, I make him look great. He is a bear minimum dad. Child support is court ordered so that is my child’s saving grace. And by God’s grace I made sure of it. I’ve always been highly strategic. I keep my card close to the chest and I always have. I don’t take shit for granted in regard to intel. I’m like a dog…I don’t speak but I understand. He wants to be so cool and accepted by his kid that he fails to step up and make an impact.

The tan does the bare minimum. I celebrate the bare min shit that he offers to encourage him to do more but I am coming to the conclusion to take my chances. Fuck playing nice. I going for ever increase that she is illegible for. Unfortunately, I am a little concerned with how this will affect his relationship with our child but the t.a.n not really spending quality time with with her anyway.

His mom would gasp if she know…she could have had several grand kids if it wasn’t for the abortions that he’s paid for. He told me this with his own mouth.

I’ll never speak on the shit that I know about him but the half has not been told.

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