Life has taught me that their are not guarantees.

People wonder why I go so hard. Non stop…straight work mode non stop. I will earn and have several streams of income by any means necessary. Me and my kid will never miss a beat.

Part of me feel like ‘fuck life and it’s rules; I’m doing shit my fucking way.’ Been playing by the rule for too long and what for…

It’s quite unfortantant that ignorance bitches get a bad wrap but I don’t judge them. I understand their frustration. I’ll only shed tears for my child with that t.a.n takes his last breath.

My child is the only and absolute best thing that ever came from that relationship.

I’m not sure what my new guy is thinking but I am almost over it. I hate for my calls to go unanswered so more times that not I text ‘are you available to talk’ because if ever my calls are missed…it feels like rejection. I try to stay fully present so that I don’t checkout or leave here early but I know that home is the only place where I’ll find true peace. I am not a woman that ask for much but too much distance and a undefined relationship with get your ass excused and dismissed.

I checked the app tonight…haven’t done that in a long time. But I’m not for being neglected or being treated as though I am an option that is available for later usage.

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