Mr. Talk Alot

She said that he was all talk. Small would have been a step up for his d*ck. The shit was tiny af…lol and he talked big shit. Sir have several seats. She said that he came quick. No bullshit…she said that she could not feel shit. She said that she didn’t know if it was in or not. She laid there wondering what the f*ck was he talking about. He told her that he would probably be the best that she had ever had. Lies! She knew that me that he came that she would never sleep or talk to him again. A total waste of her body count.

He started catching feeling and she jetted. People often underestimated the pain she caused until they experienced it first hand. She thought that he would be something fun so she gave him a chance. It was lies from the very start. Straight cat fished but she still looked passed.

He had some good qualities but not nearly enough to redeem him from the shit that he told her.

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