I could is him being the one

My desire is to please him. Fulfilling the lust of his pleasure is her hearts desire. If I allow myself to get nasty…I would lick and suck his balls after a workout. His stamina was well beyond what she could have thought. I respect him fully and I like how nasty he is. She knew that he was her type of nasty when he wanted to lick the sweat off of her. She knew that he was her type of nasty when he told her “to take that shit out”…He was talking about her tampon. She did and they attempted to f*ck before they realized that making love was what they both needed.

She like that way he talked shit to her. As she s*cked his d*ck he moved her hands and said “I didn’t tell you to touch my shit. I want your mouth on it.” That shit turned her on. She was nervous but she knew that she was safe with him. Neither had any judgement of the other. They were of the same kind.

She knew that he had the ability to love every part of her being and this made her nervous. She wanted to run from him but she knew that he had the ability to heal her…from the inside out. Not the “inside” that you maybe thinking. He started with her mind first for he thought that her every thought was beautiful. She loved every inch of him. It was his mind and brilliance that attacked her to him. She really had a type from a psychical point of view. But his mind though…she knew from the start that his mind was something that she could lost in for she saw it and thought that it was beautify. At that point…she opened hers and allowed the journey to began.

…And after that post…she never looked back.

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