I think that he thought that we has something special. I understand why he thinks that but we don’t. Women don’t want a hoe just like a man doesn’t. You’ve been sleeping with your neighbors wife for over ten years and you think that I’m going to open my heart…no sir. Plus your dick is super small. I couldn’t even tell that it was in. And you talk all that shit. In what world sir?

I did enjoy our many conversations but I wanted to be careful for not to use him for conversation knowing now that his heart was involved. I just didn’t think that it would be best. I have no regrets about our paths crossing. I learned alot about myself through our conversations.

He feels that he knows me deeply but he doesn’t. He doesn’t know me and he doesn’t know a fraction of who I am. I have been my absolute honest since day one. However the depths of who I am is not revealed to those who are not actively seeking.

It’s clear to me that sex was the highest feel that he had ever experienced. As much a I value sex…it will never be enough to sustain me. Not ever sir. I find a mans ability to show restraint to be his most attractive feature.

I believe in ending things before things turn. I knew upfront we were not going to be a long term match. He was too eager and didn’t know how to pace his conversation. Conversations about sex is where he started and the act of sex is where I ended it.

With all due respect and apology…our friendship has run it’s course. Continued communication would only cause deterioration with the fun times, laughs and memories. You open your heart to me…I shared pieces of my heart with you. We spoken about our childhood to each other…shared lessons that we’ve learned in life. We had very deep and meaningful conversation. But that was then. We have to leave then there or it will mess up the current now.


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