Her issues ran deep

What can I say, her issues run deep. Her body was always one to die for and men always noticed. And they made it clear that they would do anything for it. She was discussed by this level of self serving behavior at a very young age. She learned young that some men wasn’t shit. She saw grown men almost 3 times her age willing to throw their entire marriage away just to lay down beside her. She saw men will to give her their whole f*cking check.

She really could have been a pimp in real life. She was train early but had no interest. She was always the ‘good girl’. The thing is…where you are really from the dirt and the mug…you have not interest in continuing the generational cure.

Til this day she has never in her life slept with a married man. She always felt that married men were the absolute lowest. Those were the ones who she felt deserved to have their pockets run through. The truth is she always felt emotionally connected and bonded to women. She always viewed them as her sisters…even the ones who were broken and damaged.

Because she has felt pain from a very young age…she drew some permanent conclusions about life and men. And this was before the rape…

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