After you expressed a strong interest in me…you allowed me to go dutch and thought that you would not be ‘friend zoned’. Get the fuck outta here!!! Paying my own way has never been an issues for me. It just showed me where I stood with you. That actually might have been where you fuck up. I’ve paid for first dates before…money is not what I lack.

Men you need to know one or two things….

Do not express strong interest in a women and then allow her to go dutch because she offers. She is really testing you to see how you feel about her.


Be ok and fully accepts that you are activity friend zoning women who you allow to pay thier way…if it’s a first date.

Eaither way…there is not issuse just make sure that you keep that same energy after yall fuck.

Her paying her way told her you are not interested in her romanticly. Her paying her way was her telling you that she was not interested romanticly. Eaither way…if yall end up fucking…do not expect for her to catch feelings, start calling your more or share her heart with you. You might have just caught her after a 12 month drought. …Just say…if you were interested you have made that know from the jump. She put you in the catorglory that you belonged in and you are stuck.

She not even checking for you as a man that she would even consider.

Side Note: She would have actually order the appetizer and a drink if she knew that she was paying… She was actually trying to be considerate of your pockets…not hers. She does $100 lunches because she doesn’t always know what she wants to order off the menu. The little $60 meal anit shit. In fact she would have eaten there the very next day but they were closed when she called to place her order.

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