What can I say… I have been found by the one is going to make me his wife. 

If I’m completely honest…there are many who would like to make me their wife. However, this particular man seems to actually have the ability, means, resources, mindset, intention and determination to see it through to the very end.  Tonight he told me that he was “the one”. He said this with total confidence and with no apology of any kind.  Since day one of reaching out, he’s been absolutely consistent with setting the tone, tenner and pace of what soon be a relationship.  His desire to get to know me has been made clear and his expectations and intentions for me has been made clear.

In the deepest part of my mind…I actually know who he is.  For His own glory and because my of the life experience of anointing and calling and the fact that I am chosen…my Father has always made sure that I am totally, completely and entirely taken care of at all times. I am not a fool though I have been one in the past

…I know real when I see it and I also know game when I see it.  He seems to have more real than game.  I am intrigued. What is interesting is the fact that he is only a 2 years younger than my mother. Older men are nothing new to me. Those who have the privileged of knowing me…know that I like older men. It’s actually my preference. My ex husband was 14 years older than I am.  This man is a full 19 years older.  I like the style, pace, and intention his conversation.

With all humility I must say did I am the woman the men want to marry.

I understand my role to be his helpmate and support.  Submission comes easy to me and I take absolutely no issue with it.  I know how to support and I know how to yield the ride-away. To the right man…it’s my honor to serve. I know how to surrender and I know when and how to be quiet and listen.  I am beyond a good catch.  I know how to maintain a home. I don’t mind cooking daily and I do it well. Fixing my man’s plate is the bare minimum that I’m willing to do. I am loyal to the soil…a virtuous woman indeed.  I am driven, ambitious, goal oriented, self sufficient, smart and intelligent.

My body count is extremely low but my imagination runs while and I have not issues using every bit of it to please him and indulge his every desire. I understand feminine energy and within my own rights I have mastered it.  My ex husband still offers me (all expenses paid) trips out of the country just to be in my presence.  He says that it would be good for our “family”.  Sacred space is my strong suit…the heart of her husband does she safely keep. 

I since that I’ll be off the market very soon but as I explained to him. There are men who have asked me out who were in line before he arrived. For those men who requested my time before he made his intentions known… I must and I will honor my word to give them the honor of taking me out.

(…I call him Mr. Reason. I gave him the option of May 22nd or May 29th. He requested that I bump the men who requested my time before we met. I explained that I could not and would not do that. Indeed… I am a woman of my word and I shall enjoy the company of each man that I found worthy of my time.)

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