I don’t think that people can live above their habits. Whatever you’ve been doing is what you more than likely will continue doing. With the best intentions spouses often lie to their significant others, their life partners, and their children with the goal of becoming a better man or woman. But why…you ask? …It’s because they actually have a deep desire to change and be different. Spoiler Alter: Often times in live we fail to see that our desire and habits enslave us. If you’ve have the habits, behavior and lifestyle of a hoe most of your life… those same habits, behaviors and lifestyle will follow you into marriage. You will only be able to play “good” for so long. The hard truth: you have poor character and you lack discipline and integrity. Of course it doesn’t start out that way. His Word says that sin is pleasurably for a season. He gives us all ‘free will’ and you choose to use yours sleep around. Free will is expensive and it will always cost you in the end if your will is not governed by the one who gave his Son so that we can be redeemed back to the Father.

It wont be until a decade later that the shit of your habits, behavior and lifestyle hits the fan and smell up the house. In the end…everything will come crashing down. …Ask me how I know. Sometimes a person’s habits destroy the intentions of their heart. If you were a hoe before you got married you will be a hoe after you are married. “I do” doesn’t change shit but your intention to try. The thing that is shamefully tragic is…your intentions are no match for your habits! It’s more of a character issue then anything else. Your desire and intentions are not enough to bridge the gap. You will need the help of the Father

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