The man who had my interest and attention almost exclusively is now almost the last thing that is on my mind…this could be goodbye.  There are certain elements that I am looking for as I explore dating opportunities. …In fact, I may have discovered my 5th (never mentioned) non-negotiable…which is absolute loyalty and integrity. 

Honesty is always appreciated because it gives the person that you’re dating opportunity to step back to accurately evaluate and assess the value that you bring to their life.  For that reason…this may be good bye. Our date-ship may have run it’s course.  Which is interesting because you were my introduction into the world of online dating. 

After 15 years not dating… You helped set the tone and tenor on just how much (and to what degree) the game has changed!

“Mr. Him #1″…at some point…we have to grow beyond the games.  There comes a point in every person’s life when…if you’re not careful…you go from being the one to play games…to failing to see when life has turned the tables…you become the one being played by the game.  This may be mother karma’s way of settling the score for your bad behavior and habits. Your conversations have now started to make the red flags clear and visible. “Mr. Him#1″ this may be goodbye…your pass has now started to catches up you…

From day one my conversation with the individual that I’m speaking of was immediately about his experienced life in a world where my curiosity was and is still brand new and unexplored.  #BDSM.  Pace is everything…out conversation rarely moved from the topic which set the tone for the beginning stages of the ‘write off’ in my mind.  I didn’t really realize the point that I just made until now.  I think that our journey may have come to an end.  As I started to evaluate our personal relationship goals…we are at different and we’re at two different places in our lives. 

We both have been divorced which is no issue.  All of his children are almost grown.  He desires to travel which is great and has actually inspired me to create my bucket list.  However…my first priority is building my business to ensure that I have the resources to travel.  I’m not awesome independent type stuff but I am on self-sufficient type stuff. 

Besides I don’t know if he is open or even interested in having anymore children.  The truth is I always wanted a really large family however I started drawing the conclusion that that was never going to happen for me. 

I don’t think that his heart is involved at this point.  If I go by effort that he’s made to see me and/ok make plans considering how in depth and intense our conversations was going. 

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