After years of smiling with no sign of tears in sight…she got stuck inside. solitude became her comfort blanket. Isolation became her prison of escape. She cut herself off from the world and our distance has become her coping mechanism.

She told herself that expressing emotion was a luxury that she didn’t half. And now she doesn’t know how to express emotion… she feels stuck inside of herself.

She has healed some because now she cries…and cries….and cries now some more… The death of her pain runs deeper then the depths that she knew existed. Day in day out she smiled, she served, and she honored. And because of the comfort and loyalty is she provide it to him he fails to understand the depth of the pain that he caused.

He thinks that their friends… he extend it to her an invitation to go out of the country. To provide a beautiful moment for her child she considered it but to keep the peace of her sanity she was forced to say no thank you.

Be careful to notice distractions because they will come as the curtains a possibility open when the tide shifts.

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