Could it be…

Could it be the Hollywood was created because the most ignorant among us could not compete outside of a world that they themselves had created. Could it be that this world was created to develop imagery to convince the masses of their intelligence and quote unquote superiority. Could it be that these images word to give young children of their kind the confidence needed tobelieve the law ‘superiority. I would post the question to spend such time which we all know is more priceless than money thus it is more valuable but I digress … To spend such time creating a world where you are the director, casting director and the star of the show…leads me to believe that your awareness of ignorance incompetence is so visible to the very conscious of your own mind that you would use propaganda and messaging to influence the mind of others. At the end of the day the producers of the movie are those who except and believe the agenda there has been put forth. Without such an agenda being accepted embraced and celebrated and carried on from one weak generation to the other … The cast crew and stars would be seen for who they really are … Actors indeed

Academy Award Golden Globes Oscars…could the same be true for Grammys awards that were created to re establish reconfirm reaffirm the baseless talent of those who misappropriate exploit and **** the culture that is the lifeblood of this nation, their insecurities and need for such awards  

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