Bro, you not going to get fucked

She has no more fucks left to give.  She has given them all the way.  She has acted like a hoe all her live and then find God after you’re married.  She want you to pay all the bills but won’t even bust it open for you.  Watching and listening to YouTube videos constantly watching sermon after sermon but won’t cook a damn meal.  

She wants you to watch this video and watch that video…listen to this message… and now listen to that one.  Please stop and miss me with that…you don’t even have enough wisdom to put the computer down long enough to make love to your husband. Have several seats and miss me with that.  You’re trying to give me fruit from the tree that I planted. I already know what you are just now learning. You want to advise me from a places of regret that you have in your life but I’ve done it the way that you’re suggesting and have just discovered. I’m here to tell you that there are no guarantees.  Are you trying to implement the shit that I’ve been doing.  

No sex before marriage…I’ve done that already.  Sierra, Megan, KeKe…don’t advise me to wait until marriage when you’ve had several relationships with men that you slept with.  Now you want to talk about abstinence is celibacy…miss me with that!  If you didn’t give away the kitchen sink…then you are better off as a result of the fucking that you did. Why…because you know how to please you man. You’ve had lot’s of practice. On the other hand…maybe not.

If you can cook, clean, keep a peaceful house and keep people out your business and your still willing to fuck his brains out… then y’all are winning. He has won the jackpot.  If you are some “I shouldn’t have to do that now…we married now” then you got shit all fucked up! Poor fella he just don’t even know what yet.  And I hope that chicken fucker because she’s been with so many who can that you don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell if you can’t meet her needs. She’s probably gonna play you like a drum and ‘son you’ in the most ‘low key’ passive aggressive ways possible.  Why…you ask? It’s because she is sexually frustrated! The tragic truth of it all is…you don’t fuck like the ones that she’s had before and her memories has her looking at you side ways. All I know is… there are no guarantees in life!  

I kept the pussy tight and till this day…it still hasn’t been used properly! It still hurt when he enters. The good part is…that can be easily fixed. It’s the mindset of bondage that is the more difficult to repair. I’m in tuned with my sexuality but still appear very childlike when it’s time to express it. When the act starts, I get uncontrollably nervous and my mind will not slow down enough for me to stay fully present in the moment to enjoy the emotional connection that comes from making love to someone that you genuinely care about. But that’s my issue and struggle.

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