I’ve never claimed to be a saint; I’ve just tried my hardest to be a good example.  By the standards of most I did things the right way.  What I now know is there are no guarantees.  Living in the box has caused me to fear life outside of its walls.  I’ve heard about the “hoe phase” but know nothing about it.  I know women who lived like hoes who now call themselves the “good girls”.  The shit is funny to me.  (You slept with your man’s family. And you slept with that woman’s husband. And you have had several abortions.) I’m a goodest girl that I know and I don’t even claim to be one because I know that I’m no different than the hoe in the street if given the same options outside of God‘s grace.

Truly our righteousness is as filthy menstrual/period pads before God. It’s only the blood of His son Jesus Christ that cleanes any of us… which redeems us back to the father. Let the record show that we are saved by grace and grace alone. I see women with a levels of arrogance that make my stomach turn. It’s discussing. And they judge hoes like they’ve never been one. Camron said it best…“that’s shit’s discussing.”

It’s sad because I see women who lived like hoes their entire lives and now refuse to bust it open for their husbands.  I can’t tell if this is what they warning me about and against but their inability to put it into words causes them to lose credibility. Keep your judgement and apply it to your own live. I just want to love and be loved fucking be fucked protect and be protected. I thought that I had life figured out what I know for sure is there are no guarantees. 

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