I’m new to this new world dating. I’ve been in a relationship since the age of 24.  No high mileage…fresh off the showroom.  Been celibate most of my life…all because I wanted to give my husband a gift that wasn’t play with or messed over something.  It was my goal to bless him with something that was truly exclusive. 

Funny things is…

My ex-husband didn’t knock the dust off of these walls.  The sad thing is…was willing to do anything with NO limits…there were no limits.  I had been waiting to cut loose…it was always my intent to experience all the freedom that comes with the covenant of marriage…  The thought that I was “good girl” and I was but only I wanted to turn up and cut loose during marriage.

The sad and tragic part is I know the number of times that we were physically intimate and we were married over 10 years .  …It’s really a damn shame but not for my next man.


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