…A new ‘front runner’?

We’ve got a new front runner and his conversation is thought provoking and leaves me with something to think about after the call has ended.

“Mr. Him #1” was the front runner but his lack of openness was too familiar and to close for comfort.  I’ve been tempted to write him off lately because he is far more guarded for my taste.  We laugh and talk like great friends…his energy is safe, fun and familiar.

Hoe has done a lot!  …I mean he…he has done a lot. I feel young around him but he is younger than my ex-husband. He talks a lot about his sex-game.  If the shit is trash… I don’t know if we’re going to make it. 

A relationship with bad sex is not something that I would be willing to endure.

Anything I have to wonder or question how a mans feels about me...it's clear that he's not interested.  If his interest doesn't cause his conversations to travel outside of topics of sex...it's time for me to move on. 
Men talk about what's on their mind most often.  

Side Note: I realized recently that he updated his dating profile.  Because I was a privateI have screenshots and of his first profile and I now have screenshots of the new profile. I feel closely to connected to him. I answer most of his calls if and when I am available. Among the conversations that I am having with other men…he is above them all emotionally. He is the only that I’ve ever met in person. My connection with him feels safe, special and sacred. I feel that he could really hold me down. Meaning around him and with him I feel totally protected. I feel safe in his presence. In my professional life I have to be pretty strong and assertive. So being with a man whose presence is strong enough to calm the strom of my spirit…is special to me. I think that the demons and experience of the front runner cause him to be guarded because he know that he has done some shit and still has access to still do some shit.


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