I travel with it…

What can I say I drive passed over a long time ago. I am a woman and despite the neglect that my body has experienced… I still want it and I have to have it.

I want him and the Him. I need Him and him. He is the reason that I see the light that shines bright in him. He is my soul mate and I know this to be true. So far…so good… At so point soon, I have to find out if he like vanilla.

As I grow…I become. As I become I realize…as I realize…I feel, see and experience. The women that I am today has a thirst that makes deep look shallow. I need BDSM in my life. I have to have it. If my poet also checks this box…I am ready to say I do. We can figure the rest out later.

With that said…I keep it on me. I travel with it now. It is also available and batteries can be purchased anywhere. I don’t know what I yet and I don’t know yet if I can really have it all. Or have it all at the same time.

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