Chicken Little

Chicken Little suffered from angixity. And he was always underestimated. He made one mistake by saying the at sky was falling and they never let him live it down.

But Chicken Little belived in himself. He tried his best at that baseball game. They didn’t ever want him to try. The audience has all lost hope that had a small chance of not loosing the game. They dian’t ever want him to try. Because they feared that he would fail. But Chicken Little was determined. The all got mad that he ever had the nerve to have the courage to try. But Chicken Little got tired of hearing that bullshit. Chicken Little took a deep breath. And he actually his the ball.

The bandwage riders hopped on his dick. They/the crewed stared cheering. Chicken Little could belive it once it was acomplised. For entruputeds…it’s always hard to belive that you have accomplished his goal after it’s done. Why after…because you can’t afford to have dout when you have to be the one to fund the vistion. When you have to he the one to exherit enought energy to make it happen.

After the vickey….everybody believed.

He was then good encough to be loved and accepted by his dad.

Chicken Little traveled throught elements and dementions of time. The movie is quite interesting.

Everybody thought that Chicken Little was lieing and exageratting but it wasn’t… Chicken Little was traving time and he had tapped into an demention that only he could see. He was really ahead of his time and those around him. And he suffered from anxgity

Chicken Little was the most impathic soul in the movie. Chicken Little pushed through his fears this entire movie. He maintained ablsolut courate during the time that he and his friends were trapped in the other demintion.

Chicken Little’s dad was so emotionally unsupportive that he made the choice to suffer rather embassis his dad. Chicken Little was the only wise one in the movie. Not to meached the courage that he had to display to lead thouse who thought that hey knew best.

The pig was to most undisciplined charter in the movie. They were trying to lay low in the corn maze and his ass is tearing the corn off the comb making all this noise.

Chicken Little might have been on drugs. I can’t tell yet and it’s really to soon to say. He was definatly having solutstionations. I can’t tell which one yet.

And then society shunned his dad and made me choose. Chicken Little either had a Beutful Mind or which means that he had some mental issuses and challenges or he had or he was on some hulsenagenticg drugs. He eaither suffered from anxigfty or his was a teenager who smoked pot.

Everytime Chicken Little needed a witness…some to could confirm his story.

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