As We Type


I’m on his mine in real time.  As he types, I type. He typing to me know.  I am typing to him for later.  The is love being made.  You are seeing it in real time.  I’m listening to no music…just the sound of my own anticipation of hearing word that comes from his mind. 

This is the one…or should I say ‘my one’?  Side notes…I mean 1 as in 1… not 1 as in 1st.  He is not my 2nd.  He is not my 1st  He is my 1 and One and 1.  To know which 1 I am talking about…you would first have to identify who is the he and the He..`

As he type…my conversation is predestined. As he types…I type in real time.  I’ve be recording and with in strok of the dot… My anticipation reached peaks…. Waiting to read the words that are on this man’s mind.  And he writes… and the dots continue… 

As he types…I type in real time.  It’s now 2:40am (eastern standard time)  I repeat…this is the love that is being made.  My soul identifies with my spirit that…the second of this very moment should be frozen in time.  As he types…we type together.  And minutes and seconds continue to flow by.  The flow by but also over us… That is the “minutes and the second”. 

I’m sure that we are kin folks for our souls have reunited and we recognize one another.  Tonight… I asked him if he recognized me… I wanted to ask him if you did know/recognize me then how but that would have been a silly questions.  (And growing up..Trix have always be for kid.)  Our Father is how we are related I’m sure.  Before we (Ira Adu) were…He was… (He as in the I AM…)

And in my most pure steam of consciousness… I now know that he is my I Am… I can now see and identify hom as person who’s rib I possess.

I have already made my decision that I will read his text in the morning. Why you might ask… Because I like it in the night, morning, noon and night… And we both type.  My his almost finish but his is still going.  And we type.  This is the love that is being made.  He wants be to have enough of his mind to last me through out this weekend.  This speaks to his stamina.  Both his intentions and his applications.  His application of both the Word and his rib.  He wants be to be fully satisfied.  He want stop type until his empathy. 

It’s now 2:55am and I am officially tapping out.  He continues and continues and continues.  He’s giving me exactly what I want.  What I asked Him and him for… A permanent attack…. Who is loyal just like me

I don’t and he’s still gooding.  Goodnight my king. 

I can wait to read what you have written.. and it’s now 2:58am

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