That’s what he dose…

His only and sole purpose and goal is to steal, kill and distory. He hate the image of God and his children.

Don’t open the door. His goal is to cut your life short. He wants to dim your light. There are no boundries that are off limits and there is no limit to his desire to destory. There is nobody that he wont use to complish his mission.

An open door is all that he needs. It starts with a conversation. Not the conversation that you have with other but the conversation that you have with yourself. The real and unexposed truth of the matter is…you are not having the conversation with yourself. the conversation is with him. Keep in mind that not all the thoughts that come to you are your own.

What tipically happens is a thought, idea or concept is presented to the mind of a human. Becasue we’ve had thoughts all of our lives…we rearly if ever make the distiction between our thoughs and the ones that are present to us. We generally think that ever thought that comes to us is our own. That’s not the case. The conversation is always the starting point. First within in the form of an idea or concept. As we entertain the the idea or concept. The door opens for the manifestation to materialize (in the form of the body).

All transactions in the realm have to be done using the earthly bodies. In the garden of enden the earthloy body of a snake was used. The 5 senses make a difference. His only goal or ability is to his destory.

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