We Call Her King Ashley

Big shoutout to king Ashley Ann! We call her king for a reason! One of the things that I respect most about entrpures is their consistancey, ability to be resilanet, build strong relationship and they ability to empower and support their community. King Ashley does all of those things well. Infact she has mastered them.

God favors the focus because he know that the focused will win! The race is not given to the swift but those who endure to the end.

Brother Ben X started the conversation off by saying ‘I’m blackfastic’ when asked how he was doing! Don’t think about yourself; think about others! YouTube is one of the largest platforms. He mentioned focusing on passive impact vs passive income. His advice was to steam longer videos. Be ready for the friends, followers, fans, fighters…facts! @BrotherBenX

Richie Skye Do procrastinate…do it not…start today. Passion and search… Bit IQ. By taking something that you are passionate about keeps you from burn out. The search and the views. What does the viewer wants. Show up daily. 12-15 minutes is what he suggested for video. @DJRichieSkye

Rochelle Tuner was amazing and reminded to serve first.

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